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Welcome E.L.M. Electrical Services is a Florida state licensed electrical contractors serving mainly Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Hernando counties for since June of 1985.

We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured electrical contracting firm.  We are technical consultants to home owners, business owners and other electrical contractors as well.

We specialize in lightning damage, earth grounding, surge protection, flood and fire damaged properties. We have worked with manufacturing, industrial general commercial environments, as well as residential properties and will work directly with your insurance company.

Besides home owners and businesses we have worked with computer programmers, computer net workers, A/C companies and home inspectors. We are proud to to say we have been in service since June of 1985, and never have paid for advertisements and that personal referrals from our friends and past clients has been our only form of advertising.

We are dedicated to resolving all of your electrical needs, by offering a wide variety of services from inspecting existing electrical systems to installing power for new technologies. In today’s world as technology increases you need to have an electrical contractor that is capable of keeping your electrical system running efficiently so you can energized.

We guarantee to give you the best quality service that will not only resolve the problem, but to also look for the core issues that lead to the problem. We understand that if you do not remove the cause, the problem will reoccur.

We takes pride in developing strong customer relationships. You will surely be treated fairly by allowing E.L.M to provide your electrical system. We do not just look to develop a customer base, but we look to develop relationships. You can trust E.L.M, we’re your partners!

CALL E.L.M. ELECTRIC NOW FOR A FREE ESTIMATE – Pasco/Hernando (727) 849-5111 or Pinellas/Hillsbrough (813) 996-4046.

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